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This year is a significant one in the utility regulation realm. In the energy sector, the World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER) IIV was held in Cancun, Mexico from March 20 – 23. WFER is held every three years. OOCUR members attended and participated in the High-Level Commissioners Panels.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the global body responsible for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) policy, will be having its Plenipotentiary (Plenipot) Conference from October 29 – November 16 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Held every four years, it is the key event where ITU Member States decide on the future role of the ITU. The Conference sets the ITU’s general policies, adopts the four-year strategic and financial plans, and elects the senior management, the Member States of the Council and the members of the Radio Regulations Board amongst other things. The Bahamas has already submitted its candidature for the America Region on the Council. OOCUR wishes The Bahamas success in its efforts to be elected to the Council.

The water sector, not to be left out, by way of the International Water Association (IWA) has its World Water Congress and Exhibition being held in Tokyo, Japan from September 16 – 21. This biennial conference brought together over 5,000 water, environmental and related professionals from over 100 countries at the last Congress in 2016 held in Brisbane, Australia.

These forums are not exclusive to regulators. Industry, service providers, academia, consultants, government, research companies, media and NGOs (including consumer groups) are amongst the many who attend and participate at these events that make them enriching and thought provoking.

Without the participation of a broad cross section of society, these forums would not be as productive and successful. Therefore, I encourage you to seek additional information on any of these events and register to attend if you can.

Wishing us all a great year of accomplishments in 2018.

Kathleen Riviere-Smith
Executive Director