11th OOCUR Conference, 2013 - Belize

11th Annual Conference
November 2013


  • Environmental Issues in Electricity and Water.
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Telecoms Reforms.
  • System Losses - The Impact on Consumers and on The National Economy.
  • Non-Revenue Water - A Cause of Concern for Regional Service Providers.
  • Market Reform - Does Regulated State-owned enerprises compromise Regulator's Values?
  • Managing The Regulatory Process - Working With The News Media To Get The Message Across.
  • The Possible Effects of Radiation on A Community from Cell Sites.


  1. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM LOSSES: Impacts on Customers and Economies by Allison A. Jean - Executive Director, CARILEC. 
  2. The Rollout of Smart Grids in the Caribbean... by Ms. Carol Balkaran - Senior Tariff Analyst, RIC, Trinidad & Tobago.
  3. DOING BUSINESS 2014: Indicators on Getting Electricity by Caroline Frontigny - Research Analyst, Doing Business Project. 
  4. Potential Regulatory & Industry Impacts of Telecommunications... by Connie Hartman, Senior Systems Engineer, inconectiv.
  5. The Role of the Regulator in Fraud Prevention in a Regulated Utility by Connie Joseph - Financial Analyst, IRC, Dominica.
  6. Net Metering Implementation in Belize by Derek Davis – PUC, Belize. 
  7. Dominica’s Electricity needs: A plan for sustainability by Francis Paul - IRC, Dominica. 
  8. Perspectives of Regulation by Harry Noble. 
  9. Regulation in the EU and US: Should the Caribbean follow suit? by Julian Wilkins - Director, Telecoms Public Policy, Digicel. 
  10. Assessing the Efficacy of Government’s Targeted Utility Subsidies... by Leah Goddard-Pierre - Tariff Analyst, RIC, Trinidad & Tobago. 
  11. Regulating State-owned Utilities: Information, Incentives and Governance by Dr. Mark Jamison - Director, PURC. 
  12. Aged Water Infrastructure: A Case Study of Unearthing WASA by Nicolyn Raymond-Parks - SP & D Coordinator, Belize. 
  13. A Look at Our Neighbours - The Central American Electricity Integration by Jeffrey Locke - CE Office, BEL. 
  14. Spectrum Harmonization of the 700 MHz band for LTE by Roberto Young - GM, Engineering & Planning. 
  15. Reconfiguration Options for Water Operations in Rural Areas of Belize by Rudolph S.Williams Jr., PUC, Belize. 
  16. Financial Indicators in a Borderless Society by Sugrim Mungal - RIC, Trinidad & Tobago. 
  17. Contractual Issues of Non-Revenue Water Contracts by David Ehrhardt, Nils Janson, and Traci Kuratomi. 
  18. Market Reform: Does Regulated State-owned Enterprises Compromise Regulator's Values? by Victor Lewis. 
  19. Development of a Rate Setting Methodology by Victor Lewis. 
  20. Small Scale LNG for Power in the Caribbean by Winston D. Robotham - Sr. Economic and Regulatory Analyst, OUR, Jamaica.