About Us

OOCUR INC. is a non-profit organisation, established by an Agreement dated July 26, 2002 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, by the following signatories of utility regulators of the Caribbean: 
Cosbert Manchester
Board Member of the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority.
Justice Frank King, GCM
Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission, Barbados.
Winston C. Hay
Director General of the Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica.
Peter Bethel
Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, Bahamas.
Justice Prem Persaud, CCH
Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, Guyana.
Dr. Patrick Watson
Deputy Chairman of the Regulated Industries Commission, Trinidad & Tobago. 
  • To assist in the improvement of utility regulation.
  • To foster transparent and stable utility regulation through autonomous and independent regulators in member countries
  • To undertake research, training & development.
  • To facilitate understanding of regulation issues and sharing of information and experience.
The General Assembly 
This is the governing body where each constituent member is entitled to send three delegates but has one vote. The General Assembly is made up of representatives from the following member regulators:
Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, Member of OECS
Fair Trading Commission, Barbados
Independent Regulatory Commission, Dominica
Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica
Public Utilities Commission, Anguilla
Public Utilities Commission, Belize
Public Utilities Commission, Guyana
Regulated Industries Commission, Trinidad & Tobago
Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, The Bahamas
Telecommunications Commission, Turks and Caicos Islands
Virgin Islands Public Services Commission, US Virgin Islands
The Executive Council (November 2017 - November 2018)
Chairman              -   Trinidad & Tobago (RIC)
Deputy Chairman  -   #
Member                 -   #

Member                 -   #
Member                 -   #

OOCUR Secretariat
OOCUR Inc. was incorporated in Guyana and is currently located at Lot 106 New Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana.

The Executive Director is Mr. David Geddes and the Corporate Secretary is Justice Prem Persaud (PUC, Guyana).
Full Membership of OOCUR is open to regulatory bodies with responsibilities in telecommunications, electricity, natural gas, water and transportation sectors in the Caribbean. 
Associate Membership of OOCUR is open to Non-Caribbean utility regulators and associations of utility regulators.
OOCUR is funded through membership fees, contributions, charges for services, donations and grants. Offer of grants and donations could be made to the Office of OOCUR Secretariat.